2015 - Float glass & steel2010 - Cast glass & steel

“SKYLINE table” 2009 / Ø 150cm - ZFP

“SKYLINE table” 2009 / Ø 150cm - ZFP

“Emerald table” by Danny Lane 158cm

2015 - Float glass & steel

“Neo Blue table” by Danny Lane 88cm

2010 - Cast glass & steel

“Copper twist blue” by Danny Lane Height 70cm x D. 96cm



Having trouble finding what you want? Looking for that perfect object for a specific space, or to celebrate a special event or anniversary? Then why not commission a work of art?

Commissioning for the first time can be daunting – we give you as much (or as little) help as you need, from choosing the artist to setting the budget and developing the brief. In reality, most people actually find the process very exciting and fulfilling.

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